Company Ethics

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<p class="font_8"><span>We want to be the leading snus company in Asia. Most tobacco companies aren't known exactly for doing good; we want to stand out in a positive way and do things differently! </span></p>
<p class="font_8"><span>Not only we make organic snus, we also want to make people happy.</span></p>
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<p class="font_8"><span>We believe in offering an alternative option to smoking which is harmful not only for the person smoking, but for the people around him or her as well. Snus doesn't harm your lungs, and your friends and loved ones won't be physically harmed from you using it as there is no second hand smoke. By using snus, you are promoting smoke free environments and healthier lifestyle opposed to smoking.</span></p>
<p class="font_8"><span>We at TIGERSNUS believe in sourcing our products locally to not only support the local communities and fight globalisation, but also to reduce our carbon footprint, and to minimize our environmental impact. All our products are packed using environmental friendly or recycled materials to keep nature the same and tigers happy.</span></p>
<p class="font_8"><span>We love tigers. We donate a part of our yearly profits to charities helping to protect the remaining five tiger populations of Asia, and support them to survive from extinction through our #SAVETHETIGERS program.</span></p>